Beer and sandwiches

A beer for all sandwiches

WWhich beer pairs best with a fish finger sandwich? What about cheese and Marmite? And a peanut butter sandwich? If a corned beef and pickle sarnie is more your thing, is there a beer for that? Yes to all of those, even that crazy corned beef and pickle.


That’s what last week’s Beer Club was all about – beer and sandwiches. We asked for your favourite sarnies and provided the right beer to match. We can always rely on you for inventive foodie creations.


You can conjure a delicious sandwich from your Sunday roast:



Fanciers of more complex sandwiches discovered their perfect beer match:



We paired a truly American sandwich with a British beer:



Then corned beef and pickle made an appearance:



In fact corned beef was pretty popular:



The incredible Reuben sandwich got a look in:



Your hashtag and sarnie pics were exemplary (and so was the beer to match):



You ended by flipping the whole thing on its head, with us recommending sandwiches to match your beer. We’re fine with that:



Once again beer and sandwiches made for a hugely popular Beer Club, the beer and sarnie pairings listed above are just the tip of a huge sandwich iceberg. The beer and sandwich combos included fish finger sandwich with Curious Brew (a lager brewed with Champagne yeast), prawn and avocado on rye with a zesty Schiehallion by Harviestoun in Scotland and classic British fayre such as cheese and pickle paired with Fuller’s London Pride.


Don’t worry if you’ve missed our beer and sandwiches Beer Clubs, we’re making it very easy for you to find the beer that’s just right for you. Jump on Twitter and use our Beer Match tool for an instant beer pairing for your sandwich (or any food) of choice. Not on Twitter? Try Beer Explorer where you can discover new beers by style, flavour, tasting notes and alternatives to your established favourites. See, we’ve got you covered.


Calling all wine lovers, this week’s Beer Club is all about you. We want you to join us at 8pm on Twitter and tell us which wine (or wines) you enjoy and we’ll recommend a beer that we’re certain you’ll enjoy just as much… If not more. That’s right, Beer Club this week is beer for wine lovers so drop by (on Twitter) and test our beery mettle against your finest wines.



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