Beer and sandwiches

Sarnies and beer

AA sandwich can be simple, complex and everything in between. From straight forward cheese to the ultimate Cuban, the combos in our favourite sarnies deliver flavours that can delight and dazzle. Pair it with the right beer and the whole thing moves up a level.


Sandwich preferences vary wildly from one person to the next and with each combo offering up a different flavour profiles beer has lots to contend with. A challenge it copes with comfortably. At a recent Beer Club we asked you to tweet us your top sarnie choices so we could recommend a beer to match. Your choices were as varied as a Tesco triple sandwich mega deal.


Beer Club sandwich


Let’s take the simple cheddar cheese sandwich. The cheese displays sweet, caramel flavours with a slightly salty and nutty edge. To cope with robust cheesy flavours and dry saltiness you need to reach for a beer with a subtle sweetness, a touch of caramel and a solid body. Republika is a lager from Berkshire brewery Windsor & Eton that displays a sweet malty backbone and a palate cleansing effervescence. In fact, we ended the recent beer and sandwiches Beer Club with a beer / cheese sandwich recommendation:



Let’s move the sandwich fillings up a notch. Smoked bacon, Stilton, sun dried tomatoes and lettuce all being cuddled by wholemeal bread has a bit more about it and more for beer to contend with. Here’s where the beer and sandwich flavours need to work together and bring out the best in each other, and Meantime’s London Porter is the perfect choice. There’s sweetness to temper the saltiness of the bacon and Stilton and also complement the natural sweetness of the tomatoes. It certainly got the nod at Beer Club:



Another request we received at Beer Club showed beer can also cope with the unconventional (but no less delicious) filling too. Salt and vinegar crisps offer a perfectly balanced flavour combination and an interesting sandwich experience, and pairing it with the right beer can enhance the whole thing. Adnams Ghost Ship is a pale ale that’ll stand up to the strong character of the crisp and with bitterness and bubbles perfect for wiping the palate clean.



Let’s bring it back to another sandwich classic that goes perfectly with the right beer – the humble ham. Ham packs saltiness and some natural sweetness so the beer needs to contrast the former and lift the latter, which is where Heineken’s Affligem Blonde comes into its own. Which is exactly what we told Tony at Beer Club:



So whether your favourite sandwich is rammed with all manner of fillings or kept straight forwardly simple, pairing it with the right beer ensures it’s something to savour. We’re here to help you choose the right beer: use #BeerMatch our online Twitter tool that matches your favourite foods to brilliant beers. Or try Beer Explorer, our interactive guide to the best beers in Britain where you can search for beers by name, style, brewery, flavour or food. Whatever you’re eating we’ve got your beer pairing covered.


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